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Oliba owl

Like me, you might have a child who refuses to go to bed. First, I thought it was because she was very active and didn’t want to stop her activity but then I realised that it was probably due to some nighttime fears. If she has a great imagination and it’s hard for her to shut off, she also doesn’t like the dark and when the light is switched off. I often spend hours reading bedtime stories and when I am tired of that, I sometimes make her fall asleep in the sofa in front of her favourite cartoon, which is really not ideal.

My youngest daughter is also really attached to her favourite plush and as I was really scared to lose it so I bought a second one to avoid any drama.

I have now found the solution to those problems with Smarty Crew, a French start-up, who created a cute little device which looks like a owl, that you can tie to your child’s cuddly toy and which communicates with an App. This new innovation is called Oliba.

Smarty Crew

With Oliba, you can be sure that you will never loose your baby’s favourite toy. Oliba helps you locate the cuddly toy with its little song. Oliba app alerts you when the cuddly toy is over over 50m (100 feet) away.

Oliba also soothe your child to sleep at bedtime as Oliba glows in the dark and sings the lullaby you have picked in the library of lullabies or recorded. Parents can set up all the content with the app and also adjust the volume and the duration. Once the settings are stored in Oliba, kids can activate Oliba manually, without requiring any phone.

Furthermore, you can also use the music & story box feature while you are on the move to make sure your baby have fun and stays happy.

Oliba by smarty crew

If you want to be the first to get an Oliba, Smart Crew has opened the pre-orders on Indiegogo through an international online crowdfunding campaign. You have only until January 7th to secure your Oliba and save up to 49% OFF.

Be the first to get this unique cuddly toy tracker & great storyteller and also the essential teddy’s partner, select a perk on the crowdfunding campaign and make Oliba becomes a reality!

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